The City Medical System has designed a wide range of programs suitable for individuals, families and corporations as well as business travelers.  We invite you to join and discuss the access program that will suit your needs and enjoy the rewards of good health and a stress free life in Xiamen.

The Corporate Plan
It is a pre-paid plan that will often unlimited access to routine clinic services and basic medications during regular clinic hours for expatriates, dependents and corporate visitors. We can also provide extended health management services and advice for your local employees because we believe that good health is good business and that a healthy employees are a happy, effective and productive employees.

The Gold Plan
Think of it as providing medical services security for yourself and your family. This is very affordable plan for the whole family which includes subscriber's spouse and unlimited number of ummarried children below 21 years of age who are financially dependent on the subscriber. This plan offers unlimited access to clinic services during regular clinic hours and in house laboratory services as well as emergency assistance and referral coordination to local resources in Xiamen specialist or hospital in Hong Kong.

The Silver Plan
If you are alone and away from your home and family, we can take care of your health needs in Xiamen. You can avail of this light plan that will fit your budget very ideal for singles. Unlimited routine medical consultation with covered services goes with this plan.

The Flexi Plan

This Flexi Plan provides access to the clinic on a pay-per-visit basis. This is a fee for service scheme for business travelers. All services are charged per consultation and there are no covered services.