Job Opportunities:
Jobs:Nurse 涉外护士
Job description :We are now hiring interested career oriented nurses who’s willing to learn and have more exciting medical experience. Responsibilities: •Provide medical emergency response, first aid treatment and health advice to our patients. •Assist our doctor at the medical clinic in providing assisted consultation and treatment and other clinic activity. •Assist doctor during emergency and evacuation •Liaise patient to local hospital •Medical record filing and maintenance •Answer phone hotline, handle inquiries and follow up patients. Basic qualifications: Nursing Colleague certificate and practice certificate issued by the Health And Sanitation Bureau •Standard knowledge in first aid, BLS/ACLS preferred •At least 3 years of relevant work experience •Fluent in English and Mandarin spoken and written (preferre) •Good decision making, interpersonal and communication skills •Good office computer skill •Good file managing knowledge •Willing to work long hours and under pressure •Good working attitude, good health, motivated and team player •Willing to relocate in other cities other than Xiamen Primary Location: Xiamen 职位描述:具备良好的医疗工作经验,有兴趣学习西方医疗及英语的护士 工作职责: 提供病人急诊响应和健康建议 协助医生完成各项医疗处置 协助完成病人的急诊和空中转运 与医院的协调合作 记录病历并完好保管 接听医疗热线电话,处理病人疑问并跟踪随访 素质要求 护理专业毕业,有注册护士执照者 具备院前急救和基本或高级生命支持技能者 3年以上临床工作经验者 熟练的英语口语及书写能力 有良好的沟通、处理能力。人际关系良好。 熟练使用办公电脑软件 条理性强,善于文案整理 能够承受压力,可以在连续长时间的环境工作 身体健康,富有工作激情、善于团队合作。工作态度谦虚诚恳。 愿意在厦门和外地轮转工作 首要工作地点: 厦门