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Occupational Medicine

Company Occupational Medicine 公司职业健康监护

Provide rich experience bilingual doctor in industry hygiene field, work part time in charge of occupational surveillance as well as manage employee’s health.


¨ medical and occupational surveillance related procedures Set up 设立公司医疗和职业健康监护的相关程序

¨ Review pre-work , medical examination report for new employees and post-work medical examination report for resigned employees. 新员工和离职员工入职体检的评估与沟通

¨ Review occupational physical examination reports and communicate to employees. 职业体检的评估与沟通

¨ Fitness for Alternative Work evaluation. 岗位适合性评估

¨ Communicate the findings of the fitness for duty examination to the employee’s treating physician, and attempt to secure a release for the employee to return to work (full duty or modified duty). 岗位适合评估与就诊医生沟通

¨ Return to work assessment. 返岗评估

¨ Company requested other special occupational related examination and evaluation such as wear respiratory equipment. 公司要求的其他特殊职业健康检查与评估。

¨ Participate in evaluation of occupational injury/illness. Tour the site annually. 工伤参与及评估。年度场地评估

¨ Post Blood-Borne Pathogens Exposure evaluation 生物危害接触后评估

¨ Review annual physical examination reports and communicate to employees. 年度员工体检的评估沟通

¨ Give advice for conducting the immunizations. Give advice regarding contraindications to immunizations and adverse reactions to the immunizing agents. 免疫接种程序的布置。告知疫苗的接种禁忌

¨ To build up and maintain employees individual files especially for occupational contacting employees as Chinese law requirements. 建立维护员工个人医疗档案尤其职业健康档案

¨ Provide suggestion or advice for minimize infectious disease to spread inside workshop and, response for sudden public threaten hygiene.  公共卫生事件的处理及建议

¨ Provide Health promotion article to educate employees. Conduct regular health lecture for the employees. 卫生宣教--健康园地及定期

¨ Provide medical consultation regularly to company employees by our doctor. 全科医生定期现场坐诊。

¨ Set up clinic for company and on site staffing. 帮助公司设立医务室及配备医务人员

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