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Clinic Hours Mon~Sat: 8:30~12:00 13:30~18:00


Medical Consultation

Our doctor provides general medical care, including health counseling and promotion. We have Expatriate Doctor, Bilingual Chinese doctor and Local Specialist. Our Expatriate Doctor speaks Arabic, English, French. We are also provide appointments with specialists such as Surgery, Obstetrics – Gyne, Psychiatrist, Dermatologist, Nutrition specialist, and the specialists in all the departments.


Regular consultation with our doctor from (Monday to Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m). The City Medical Consultancy responds to the needs of the expatriates community by providing a quality and accessible healthcare. Our practice is family oriented, the continuous relationship and familiarity with our doctors and staff is often the basis for on going healthcare and illness prevention for expatriates and their family.  


Appointments can be made through telephone calls and wechat message.

We can arrange you a telephone or video consultation with our doctors without you come to clinic, to avoid infection especially during the COVID-19 period.


Company Evaluation and Assessment


Our health consultancy provides assessments and advises on health, hygiene and safety within the working environment. We can also establish the company's health policies and procedure. Depending on your need we can also set up in house clinic services and ensuring the clinic's conformance to local health regulations and requirements.

City Medical Consultancy can coordinate and arrange annual examination, pre employment and pre placement examination for the employees.

On Site Staffing and Set up of Medical Facility


City Medical Consultancy can provide first aider, nurses, doctors and emergency response professionals for your events or projects. We can also set up in house clinic for companies and hotels with western standard set up and equip it with emergency and lifesaving equipment and medicines. Your in house clinic can be manned by our well trained medical staff who can speak English fluently. One of our successful settled on site clinics are Fuzhou Daimler clinic and Shenzhen Nurse station.


Laboratory Services and Imaging 

Our clinic can do all those laboratory items as hospitals can do such as   routine blood test, hematology, serum blood chemistry Gene detection, bacterial culture & drug sensitivity, Biopsy etc.

We will arrange and assist you in prompt for all diagnostic procedures such as x-ray, CT Scan, MRI, ultrasound. The results will be send to senior radiologist to get second opinions and prepare a English report.


Medical Specialist Referral

When you need to consult a specialist locally or in Hong Kong, City Medical will help you arrange for your treatment at an appropriate medical facilities.We can arrange you consult and have treatment the best specialist in Hongkong. We can arrange you to see specialist in all the department. If you need coordination and translator our medical staff can also assist you and explain your concerns thoroughly. Arrangements for ambulance services and hospitalization are also available.


Medical Evacuation

If City Medical Consultancy considers that you need treatment that is not available locally, we can organize a medical evacuation through our networks. We can provide you prompt evocation service. We also escort you and attend to on your travel. While you are under the specialists care outside Xiamen, City Medical staff will still continue to monitor your condition until your discharge from the hospital.


Medication Refill  

If you run out of your medication or lose your prescription we can arrange for it to be replace with a reliable western standard pharmaceutical.


Annual Health Executive Check Up

Proper diet, adequate sleep and regular exercise these are just some of the ways an individual can keep his body healthy and strong...and not to forget a regular physical examination. As part of City Medical Preventive health program, we designed a personalize periodic health evaluation to serve as a tool to screen for the early detection of diseases such as cancer screening for colon, pancreas, liver, lungs, nasopharyngeal area and others. Also five parameters for coronary risks and other areas of concerns.

We invite you discuss with our specialist this program and have best chance of enjoying the rewards of good health.


Health Education and Promotion 

The City Medical circulates health information and promotion regularly for our members, especially in certain circumstances where outbreaks and epidemics warrant continued vigilance. We always believe that preventive medicine is most effective type of treatment. The program is already available through our website.


24Hours Access Line

The 24 hours access line is a telephone and wechat service that provides medical advice and access to our doctor available.

The calls are answered by our duty doctor who assesses the medical situation and depending on the severity of the situation you will be advice accordingly.

Advice may range from home visit, referral to local hospital or our clinic or any supportive methods of controlling situation by yourself.


Travel Medicine 

The City Medical clinic encourages the expatriates to get in touch with our doctor prior to their departure and include the travel health and safety consultation as part of their trip preparations. We will review your travel itinerary and give advise about health related information on your destination such as recommended immunization, food and water safety and availability of medical services in the area.

If the travel destination is very remote, a medical first aid kit can be arranged for you.


Basic Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Training

We can arrange company and school on-site CPR training by our doctors and our team in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong training will be certified by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and the American College of Emergency Physicians.

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