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Dear friends, 亲爱的朋友们

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Dear friends,



November 20th, 2021, marks the 19th anniversary of the City Medical Clinic. Thank you for accompanying us all along. In the past 19 years, the clinic has gone through many hardships and overcome one difficulty after another. But we have stayed true to the mission of setting up the clinic, which is to provide Western-standard medical services for expatriates, their dependents, and business travelers in Xiamen, the same as they would expect in their home countries.

2021年11月20日是City Medical Clinic 开放的19周年庆,衷心感谢您陪伴我们一路走来。在过往的19年里,诊所经历了很多艰辛,也克服了一个又一个困难。我们从未忘记设立此诊所的初衷,就是提供西方标准的医疗服务,让驻厦外籍人员就诊如同在本国一样便利。


Our clinic has experienced foreign doctors and also bilingual Chinese doctors; We can conduct all kinds of laboratory tests and comprehensive medical examinations for our patients. We have many affiliated local and Hong Kong specialists in almost every medical field. The Xiamen authorities will also provide us with adequate assistance and support. In cases of emergency, we can arrange the Air Ambulance for medical evacuation.



We have never forgotten the responsibility on our shoulders and will continue to provide the society and our dear friends with better high-standard medical services.



For those with a limited budget, whether you are Chinese or a foreign national, please feel free to come to us and tell us your difficulties. We will waive your medical expenses at our discretion and make every effort to provide treatment. 

对于费用预算有限的朋友们,不论您是中国人或外国公民,请放心前来,将您的困难告诉我们。我们会酌情为您减免各项费用, 并尽全力提供救治。


Whenever you need us, we are always here for your health!



A kind reminder: please forward this message to your friends. Let's together help people in need. Thank you very much!


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