About Us:

Our company “City Medical Consultancy” was established November 2002, with its previous name Lifeline Medical System. Our main task is to provide expatriates, dependents and business travelers in Xiamen City a quality, accessible and international standard medical care.

Our facility is located at the quiet and beautiful Yuandang lake, few meters from Sofitel and Marco Polo Hotel. It is very calm, tidy and comfortable inside. It is equipped with international standard equipment and medicines as well as medical disposables. Once you visit our clinic you will be greeted by our kind and friendly staff. They are inspired to carry out their work with care, integrity and expertise. They are highly trained and can speak English fluently making communication and consultation easy.

Our medical staff can handle all sorts of situations, from the simple cases of answering a call for medical referral, medical consultation, to the most complex emergency medical evacuation. With all those years the City Medical Consultancy has developed a solid experience in the field of management, referral and evacuation. We have receive countless patients and saved several lives through prompt, honest and accurate diagnosis as well as efficient coordination with the local and overseas hospitals.

It is recognized and partner with major health insurance provider and world wide assistance companies such as AXA assistance, Euro Assist, International SOS and others.

We always believe that the ideal patient – physician relationship is based on thorough knowledge of the patient, on mutual trust and on the ability to communicate with one another. To practice in our facility our staff needs to adhere to the virtues of compassion, patience, sympathy and understanding.

With our new business concept we extended our services to multinational companies and hotels. We are offering medical consultancy services, training and medical staffing to companies.